Tired of comparing features to select a pricing plan?

It's here: The One Plan. The Easy Plan. The Why-didn't-I-find-this-sooner Plan.

You never have to upgrade, because you already have everything you need. No more emails hassling you to cough up more of your hard earned cash to upgrade your account. No more moments of panic when your store grows and costs too much in bandwidth. No more outgrowing your allotted number of products. No more concern about storage space.

Everything you need: it's right here, plus some. We like to make success easy.

Competitor's Premier Plan
That's pretty hefty!

The Yes-It's-True Plan

Skip the upgrading nonsense.

For one low price, you get it all!

Competitor's Basic Plan
Get next to nothing.
Storage Limited Unlimited Limited
Products Limited Unlimited Limited
Admins Limited Unlimited Limited
Bandwidth Limited Unlimited Unlimited
(We sure hope so!)
Web Hosting Not A Chance Yes No Dice
Extra fees High Transaction Fees No Setup Fees
No Transaction Fees
Check out the
price tag again

Additional Pricing Information

Is there a setup fee?

No. There is no setup fee to open a CafeCommerce store.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No. You do not need a credit card to sign up for CafeCommerce.

Are there any long term contracts to sign?

No. There are no long term contracts or commitments. Once your trial period is over, you will be charged for your store on a monthly basis.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. You can cancel your account at any time from your store admin.